Hickory Smoked Sea Salt in a jar lying on hickory chips
Hickory Smoked Sea Salt (3.5oz)
Hickory Smoked Sea Salt (3.5oz)

Hickory Smoked Sea Salt (3.5oz)

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Holy Smoke Hickory Smoked Sea Salt is 100% pure sea salt crystals harvested from the Mediterranean Sea that we cold-smoke with hickory.
It has a hearty and robust hickory smoke that blends perfectly with your food. 

How do you use Smoked Sea Salt?

Our Smoked Sea Salt is great for anything you use sea salt on. You will only want Smoked Sea Salt from now on because it adds a depth of flavor to everything you eat.

  • Crack it over your eggs in the morning
  • Season grilled meats like steak, pork and chicken
  • Use it in soups, sandwiches and dips
  • Put it in a salad dressing
  • Season fresh seafood

What do you normally use salt on? Well, that's what Smoked Sea Salt goes on now instead.


Brand: Holy Smoke
Size: 3.5oz. (99.22g)
UPC: 014567267967
Country of Origin: USA
Ingredients: Hickory Smoked Sea Salt