Hickory Smoked Black Pepper (1.7oz)
Hickory Smoked Black Pepper (1.7oz)

Hickory Smoked Black Pepper (1.7oz)

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What is Smoked Black Pepper?

Holy Smoke Smoked Black Pepper is tellicherry black peppercorns that are half-cracked and cold-smoked with hickory.
It is robust and peppery with a bold hickory smoke aroma and flavor. 

How do you use Smoked Black Pepper?

Our Smoked Pepper is great for anything you use pepper on. You will only want Smoked Pepper from now on. It adds a depth of flavor to everything you eat.

  • Crack it over your eggs in the morning
  • Season grilled meats like steak, pork and chicken
  • Use it in soups, sandwiches and dips

What do you normally use pepper on? Well, that's what Smoked Black Pepper goes on now instead.